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It’s Over! It’s Over! | Tried to tell me it’s over…

I’ve always been the kid that chose his own clothes,” Peter Jean Marie

It’s over. Tried to tell me it’s over. It’s over. But for Peter Jean Marie, It wasn’t and isn’t over as he continues to pursue his dream to be a household name in fashion. No matter the feat, the mountain to climb, the challenges to face, Peter continues his pursuit to be a highly successful fashion designer. Peter Jean Marie | Naples, FL

StitchnPost | Do you recall where you were when you decided to become a fashion designer? If so where?

Peter | I decided that I wanted to become a fashion designer around the age of sixteen. I was a sophomore at the time, and one early morning at school on my iPad, walking down the hallway scrolling looking at different design schools to attend.

StitchnPost | How did fashion design come to be your career choice?

Peter | I started off as a model at sixteen, and as modeling jobs started to be limited due to my circumstances at the time, I then decided that I was going to design my own clothes and become my own model.

StitchnPost | Was there someone in your life that was the inspiration for you choosing a career in fashion design?

Peter | No one inspired me to choose a career in fashion. Growing up. I’ve always been the kid that chose his own clothes | when my parents took me shopping | and tried to out-dress everyone else.

StitchnPost | Do you recall a challenge that you have experienced as a designer involving a design project or event that you would like to share? And if so, how did you overcome that challenge?

Peter | Yes! I remember working on a dress for two weeks straight and the day before the competition the dress was completely destroyed. I could have opted out, gave up, but instead, I let my passion drive me into staying up all night up until the morning of the competition to design the whole dress. I may have a photo of it on Google. Made out of chocolate.

StitchnPost | What is that you strive for when you are working on a new project?

Peter | There’s always a story behind the things I design. I strive in a way to make it memorable, whether it be the pattern, the back story, the material, etc.

StitchnPost | What would you say is the most challenging when creating a new design?

Peter | For me, I’d say drawing. I don’t like to draw.

Putting One Foot | In | Front of the Other

StitchnPost | Once you have completed a design project, what is that you hope to have accomplished?

Peter | When completing a design project, I hope to have it look exactly as I had drawn it out to be. Can you imagine working on a design for days just for it to come out different from what you wanted? I could not.

StitchnPost | Did you have another career path that you had an interest in before fashion design?

Peter | Modeling and acting was and is what I really wanted to get into but somehow fashion is still making it possible for me.

StitchnPost | What do your family and friends think now that you have completed your training in fashion and have officially become a fashion designer?

Peter | Some feel inspired, some continue to doubt, and some continue to support. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’ve gotten far by simply putting one foot in front of the other at my own pace.

StitchnPost | Where did you train to become a fashion designer? Would you recommend the university to another?

Peter | I attended the Miami International University of Art & Design. The only reason why I’d recommend that school is because it really challenged me and gave me real-life experience as a fashion designer whether it be in or outside of class.

StitchnPost | What does the term sustainable and ethically conscious fashion mean to you? During your training in college, did you work on any design projects involving sustainable fashion?

Peter | Not quiet BUT I remember in class this store called Century 21 had clothes that weren’t selling and instead of throwing them all away, they gave me and a few others the opportunity to redesign them so that customers may consider buying them. Somewhat like recycling the clothes.

StitchnPost | During this time of Covid-19, how do you keep yourself, safe, motivated, and continue to design?

Peter | Early March I found myself designing face masks and donating thousands of them before that was even a thing. I kept myself safe by simply social distancing. I also strengthened my online sales.

Stay Tuned, Can’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing”.

StitchnPost | Are your designs created to be environmentally friendly?

Peter | The materials and clothing that I’ve designed are environmentally friendly. I don’t use any toxic materials or dyes.

StitchnPost | Where does your inspiration come from when creating your designs?

Peter | My inspiration comes from numerous areas like the garden, museum, buildings…whether it be a texture, shape, I’m always able to make a big picture out of the small.

StitchnPost | What would you say is the most challenging about being an independent fashion designer?

Peter | The most challenging part was getting started. It’s one thing to say that you’re inspired to become something but if you never start, it’ll always be just an idea | illusion. You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

StitchnPost | Do you have an audience that you believe your designs would best compliment?

Peter | Though I have a very broad audience, I’d say that I design for both men and women ages 16-50. Better yet, I am still defining my audience as I continue to grow and introduce new designs into my line.

StitchnPost | Have you participated in any fashion shows within the last last three years, physical or virtual?

Peter | I graduated from design school in 2018. I haven’t participated in any fashion shows within the last three years. I have been very focused on the business aspect.

StitchnPost | What does fashion design mean to you and how do you determine success when designing?

Peter | Fashion design is the way of self-expression. I determine my success by simply asking the questions “would he or she really wear this?

StitchnPost | Are you currently working on any new designs? If so, what and when do you expect the project to be complete, spring or fall?

Peter | I am but as I like to say…”stay tuned, can’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing”.

StitchnPost | How do you measure the success of your designs after a showing or event? In other words, the method used to measure the acceptance of your work.

Peter | I measure success by the traffic, questions, and sales that I receive.

StitchnPost | Finally, what one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring fashion designer?


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