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Having had the opportunity to chat with Denishia Moore, “MSDENISHIA, Model and now Coach & Agent, and business owner of “The Model Boutique & Co” in Minneapolis, MN much was learned. Her understanding and knowledge of the fashion industry were made clear. She openly shares insight and information that will surely be helpful to individuals that aspire or new to the modeling profession. Moreover, with thirty years of experience and a front-row seat to the fashion world as a business owner, model coach, Top Model, Miss USA Stage Expert, art director, producer among other positions, she provides a valuable insider perspective. | DM

Elaine | How long have you worked within the fashion industry?

Denishia | I have worked in the fashion industry for three decades, 30 years.

Elaine | What positions have you held?

Denishia | I have held positions of a Model, Top Model and Runway Coach, Miss USA Stage Expert, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Art Director, Producer and Agent and I’m sure I may have left something out…lol.

Elaine | At what age, did you realize that you wanted to model professionally?

Denishia | I started thinking about becoming a professional model as early as age thirteen and started pursuing my modeling dreams by sixteen.

Elaine | Was there a famous person, model, or fashion event that influenced your decision to become a fashion model?

Denishia | I admired Naomi Campbell then and now. However, it was Cindy Crawford’s Unique mole that made me realize it’s perfectly okay to stand out with something some may call a Beauty Flaw.

Elaine | Did your first paying job involve fashion?

Denishia | My first paying job had nothing to do with fashion. I worked at McDonald’s like many American Teens.

Elaine | Was there any one thing that influenced your decision to pursue modeling?

Denishia | I was fascinated with the world of fashion by how the Model walked the Runway in clothes that you did not see every day which is called ready-to-wear; instead, they wore high fashion styles and couture. This influenced my decision since the way I dressed was how I expressed my inner self so why not get paid for it, right.

Elaine | In your first fashion-related position, what was your starting compensation salary or perks?

Denishia | My first fashion-related position was a community fashion show which was not paid but I didn’t mind because I loved being a Runway Model.

Elaine | When you began your career in fashion as a model, did you have an agent?

Denishia | When I began my career in fashion, I did not have an agent which is why I was not getting paid right away.

Elaine | As an experienced professional, identify a positive and a negative to working with an agent or agency?

Denishia | As an experienced professional, the positive side of working with an agent is to have someone to negotiate contracts and get more work for you than you’re able to get on your own. There is a slight negative working with an agent which for me is waiting to get paid for the normal period of 30 to 60 days after you complete a job, you don’t get a steady paycheck.

Elaine | In recalling your first fashion show as a model, what was it like, and what emotions do you remember when standing before the audience?

Denishia | I recall my first fashion show as a Model being on a stage instead of an actual Runway. I was excited, full of confidence, and ready for the show to start. I don’t recall being too nervous.

Elaine | In your opinion, what are the necessary skills that one needs to become a successful fashion model?

Denishia | In my opinion, if you want to become a successful model you must learn the necessary skills which include knowing what being on time really means. This goes along with having a great Runway walk in 5-6 inch heels, knowing how to pack a Model bag and Model shoe bag, how to take amazing photos with a variety of expressions, and be able to follow directions onset. You also MUST invest in the preferred marketing tools such as a Model Portfolio and
cop cards as well as keeping your photos up to date.

Elaine | What would you say was your best skill set at the beginning of your modeling career?

Denishia | I would say my best skill set at the beginning of my Modeling career was and still is confidence. I believe in me!

Elaine | In what area of modeling did you have the most opportunities to work?

Denishia | The area that I have the most opportunities to work in modeling is commercial print. I prefer fashion print work to gain more
tearsheets although I love being on the Runway.

Three things to do to become a successful model | Know “why” you want to become a model | Do your “RESEARCH” to get started | learn about the industry & use “Google”…it’s a great tool to use when researching.

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