Raymel Lofton | Model

Recreate | someone’s creative eye through fashion.

Raymel is a local fashion model in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has modeled for local shops and fashion designers. One of his last modeling events was for Black Fashion Week Minnesota–| #BFWMN| Black Man Magic Fashion Show at the Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District in downtown Minneapolis.

StitchnPost: Why did you choose to become a Model?

Raymel: I originally started modeling while helping out a family friend on an artistic campaign. From there, I had a close friend that had a great experience in modeling which open many doors for me. I was able to connect with local artists, designers, and ultimately just well-known fashion enthusiasts within Minneapolis. My friend showed me many opportunities and encouraged my unique look as a young black, male model. With opportunities being presented to me, I gained a slight reputation, which sparked my initial drive to continue modeling. I built up the courage to attend events; I usually was unaware of, dress to impress more often, and simply engaged in conversation which was much easier. All in all, the drive comes from being able to recreate someone’s creative eye through fashion, outside of my own.

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