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Models Helping Models { Collaboration Over Competition

LeTera Lopez | her career as a fashion model and her future as a professional

“be your own success story”

LeTera Lopez

As a fashion model, what would you like to see happen within the fashion industry for supporting the careers of aspiring fashion models? { Collaboration over Competition

LeTera: Well the change I definitely want to see is more models helping models. You know if one model is asking for information, we should all be helping each other, so collaboration over competition. And also, I would love to see more sponsorships for aspiring models and more paid opportunities as modeling is hard work. It isn’t just taking pictures and looking stunning. It is a business of putting yourself out there.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion model?

LeTera:  After age five and being in my first Little Miss America pageant, I fell in love with fashion modeling after my first runway modeling experience. My love for modeling continued to progress as I got older.

What do you believe you bring to each fashion show in which you have participated?

LeTera:  Good vibes positive energy and a unique flair. It definitely puts a smile on other people’s faces.

How long have you been modeling?

LeTera:  I kind of have been in and out of the industry and then I remade my appearance in the industry in 2020 with United Together Fashion Show, so twenty plus years. So I started modeling obviously like at thirteen.

What was the first feeling you felt when you walked the runway for your first show or posed for your first photo shoot?

LeTera:  Pure joy and excitement. My nerves got to me at first but I overcame that in the moment. You feel so proud of the accomplishment and that all eyes are on you and the product your showing off.

What do your friends and family think about modeling as a career for you?

LeTera:  My family and friends are actually really proud of me for the accomplishments I’ve made. I’ve always said that I wanted to be a model and I did that with my mom’s help and the determination to keep going even after being told no so many times and I just kept evolving. They’re very proud of what I’ve done so far and they want me to continue.

What do you recommend aspiring fashion models do when seeking the opportunity to model?

LeTera: If it is your passion stay focused and driven, and listen to everyone around. Be like a sponge. My go-to phrase is be your own success story because you are the only one holding you back from the opportunity in front of you. Yes, you may hear no many times but keep going a yes will come eventually.

Did you attend a modeling school or program? If so, would you recommend other aspiring models to attend?

LeTera:  Yes, I’ve actually attended John Roberts Powers twice and then also John Casablanca and then I just recently got my certificate with TJB Productions Incorporated. I also did a modeling course with United Together Fashion Show when I restarted in 2020. I think that any aspiring model should take as many classes as you possibly can because no matter how old you are or how many classes you do, they’re all different and the experiences are different. It definitely just helps you grow into yourself and in the industry and it’s ever changing so you have to be able to adjust. So learning more is never an issue; it’s always the benefit.

Have you other activities that you participate in outside of modeling?

LeTera:  Outside of modeling, I am somebody who designs, paints, sings, mother, Model mentor/trainer, and I love to dance. I’m really into creatives. I also have a whole alter ego {lady Skoléta} in The Vikings World Order. I am also someone that runs my own production but I am revamping at the moment.

Have you modeled outside o the Minneapolis | St Paul area? If so, where and what was that experience like?

LeTera: Yes, I have and that experience was absolutely amazing. I have been to Chicago,New York, Texas, and Atlanta. I look to do more in the traveling model side going forward and to expand on my career as a model and in other areas.

How do you go about finding modeling opportunities?

LeTera: When I was younger, my mom actually was the one who found the opportunities for me, but once I hit about 17 or 18, I started looking for myself and I was going online and I went through model casting websites. I put myself out there to agencies that I found in the yellow pages. So, I’ve literally gone above and beyond. I’ve even talked to designers. I have done a lot of work in order to find work in the industry. I have connected with photographers to models, designers, and even reached out to the advertisers in magazines. I’ve talked to them all. I have also had some models mentor me and help me along the way. It’s all been extremely helpful and I loved every minute of it.

What one show did you find the most challenging and why? What would you have done differently during or prior to the fashion show?

LeTera: So other people’s fashion shows I didn’t really find to be a challenge because everything was already so organized and that was great. I think the one time that I had a hard time and a challenge was when I did my own fashion shows and I had to manage everything from the venues to the designers, models, the trainings and the studio time. Those were the kind of things that made me crazy. Ultimately, I modeled in those shows which were a lot of fun. I feel like the only thing that I would have done different was start out with sponsors and make sure that I have all of the funding in a row so that I’m able to excel and continue. So that’s kind of where I’m at right now.

What do you recommend aspiring fashion models do when seeking the opportunity to model?

LeTera: If it is your passion, keep your focus and drive. Listen to everyone around, be like like a sponge. Remember, my go to phrase is “be your own success story”. You are the only one holding you back from opportunity. Yes, you may hear a no, but keep going a yes will come eventually. | LeTera Lopez

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