Azza Alshaer | Fashion Model

Jordan to Minneapolis | College | Engineer & Fashion Model

Azza Alshaer | Fashion Model

Flash Photography, the runway, and the beautiful & trendy designer clothes are but one side of a fashion model’s world. Yes, these are but a few of the things that come to mind when thinking about fashion and the models that showcase the clothing and walk the runway. Ever wonder how one becomes a model? Do models have other careers or interests? These are a few of the questions you might be thinking of; however, there is more to fashion modeling than glamour, beautiful clothes, and eccentric people and followers. Having had the opportunity, to chat with fashion model, Azza Alshaer, there was much to learn. She provides an inside look into her experience as a fashion model in Minneapolis.

Azza arrived here about five years ago in Minneapolis, MN from her home country of Jordan due to a job offer via her company to be an engineer. In addition, prior to coming to Minnesota, she had completed her master’s degree in electrical engineering in Connecticut. Currently, she works as an electrical engineer during the day and models when she finds work. Modeling is not her bread and butter, but she enjoys it along with her other interest, dance. Wondering what insight and advice she has to offer into modeling? Below is a candid insight into her experience as a fashion model in Minneapolis.

Azza| It’s a lot of hard work. There’s more to it than just walking down the runway. It was at first hard finding work, but I attended as many networking events as possible. Once you have a good network, you will have lots of work.

StitchnPost| Do you have a modeling agent? If not, how do you go about finding modeling opportunities? Would you recommend hiring an agent for someone just starting out or that is aspiring to be a fashion model? List your reasons why or why not.

Azza| Yes, I recommend hiring an agent because it’s not easy to find work on your own. Agents know people in the industry and because there are people out there that will take advantage of those that are new to modeling.

StitchnPost| Name up to three fashion shows that you have participated in within the last three years and choose one show that you would like to share regarding your experience. In addition, name one positive thing that you can recall happening in that show that keeps you interested in modeling.

Azza| Fashionopolis/ Nubi ultimate runway/ Fulbekloset. I would say Fulbekloset is the show that launched my career in a way as it was my first show in Minneapolis fashion week. I made a lot of very important connections in that show with various people from the industry. It was a fantastic start!

Friendliness | Professionalism | Commitment

StitchnPost| Many people believe that models make a large sum of money for each event. How are you compensated for participating in a show?

Azza| it depends on the gig. Some runway shows give the models gift bags with products that are worth a lot of money and some pay cash. Here in the twin cities, commercial modeling pays more money than the runway. 

StitchnPost| What is that you believe you bring to every fashion show that you have had the opportunity to model in?

Azza| A fierce walk! Commitment, professionalism, and friendliness.

StitchnPost| If anyone wants to get in contact with you for a fashion event, what is your preference?

Azza| My Instagram page.

Open, friendly, and smart, Azza Alshaer enjoys modeling. Moreover, having been a newcomer to modeling and to the Minneapolis fashion scene within the last two years, she has had to learn much on her own but not forgetting the support she has received from others. Therefore, with all the new learning’s she has experienced, along with her enthusiasm for her newfound interest within the fashion industry, she candidly shared that learned knowledge and experience. Azza Alshaer currently models in the Minneapolis area. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to see her on the runway in one of many Minneapolis/St. Paul area showcasing Minnesota fashion designers.

Azza Alshaer

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