Fashion design is about creating a home for an individual body that helps express who that person is. It is about creating confidence in every individual, comfort and ease of movement, and beauty.

Amara Hark-Weber | Handmade Footwear

I use leather that is overstock from large runs of European and American tanneries, thereby helping to reduce industrial waste. And, much of what I do is done by hand. I use few machines, use every scrap of material that comes into the workshop, and make work that will not (hopefully!) be thrown away. Additionally, I have an almost zero waste shop. I even collect the leather dust I produce to give to an artist who uses it in sculpture. The only materials thrown away are scraps too small to be used for earrings (all leather scraps are given to artists and a local repair shop), broken nails, and… that’s about it!

“I have an almost zero waste shop.”

–Amara Hark-Weber | SHOEMAKER

St. Paul | MN