The changes to the Fashion Industry are coming. Today more and more people are becoming conscious of the impact our choices are making on the planet on which we depend.

Do you remember standing outside when you grandmother or mother hung clothes in the warm summer July breeze? Maybe you recall or may not but since that memorable event we continue to see on a regularly basis the changes happening on our planet via the climate changes reported, discussed, and we observe. Moreover, we can hardly pass a season without a catastrophic event happening whether it be a hurricane, tornado, or flooding that devastate communities and ecosystems alike. Our climate worldwide is changing and it’s due to our poor care-taking of our environment and the one only planet that sustains our way of life. We have to make changes. We can make a difference and we can start with in an area that we all contribute regularly and that is in the clothes we choose to buy and wear. We can still can positively and effectively turn around the effects of our negligence. Whether we have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the demise of our most valuable resource, our home, earth.

It will take each and everyone to help in reversing what we have created knowingly or unknowingly. Our blog, Eco-Friendly Fashion, will follow the changes positive and negative to our planet, lives, and the fashion industry with the hope of informing and educating and in turn will cause thought and create the action to change the way we buy fashionable products.


The Fashion Revolution sponsored a local event in Minneapolis. The event showcased fashion designers and brands that focus on ethically responsible, Eco-friendly, and sustainable fashion. There were several brands and fashion designers, and artists present.

The five hour event was held at the Parallel -The Holden Room locate in downtown Minneapolis and organized by Ashley Przedwiecki, Midwest USA Coordinator of Fashion Revolution USA. Moreover, during the event’s five hour span, speakers address the challenges within the fashion industry and the changes that each is working to improve. The one theme that was heard throughout the presentation was education and action. The importance of each speakers desire to inform and create action in the public to the challenges facing the persons unseen but that work to make our clothes, the effects on the environment, and the long-term effects of our chosen behavior to busy without considering the larger change on us as humans, the animals, and the planet overall.

With this in mind, The push now is to inform, educate and to create the change by changing the behaviors expressed today for what becomes a better tomorrow.  So the next time you go to purchase that next pair of jeans or jacket, ask yourself these three questions, do I need it, how was it made, and who made it? These are questions we should ask each time we go shopping. Let’s begin today creating this change. Great event!


Ethically Conscious Fashion Brands

Several brands and fashion designers were present at the Fashion Revolution event in Minneapolis spring event. Below are a few of the brands, artists, and designers that were present at the event.